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 About noodle products


The company's instant noodle produced line, modern technology of Japanese. the main Material in the production are wheat and oil shortening

Materials of wheat are imported from the  ViMaflour company  and Meizan oil of the Cai Lan vegetable company. this is the most reputable suppliers  Viet Nam

In addition, our company also uses some other supporting material to makes the typical instant noodle as: flavor, salt, sugar, MSG ... The herbs are imported from abroad quality assurance and food safety.

Instant noodle of the company has many types, each bringing a special flavor of the products with names like: chicken noodle, beef noodle ... to meet and satisfy customer needs better . In addition, our company also provides products with different quality as: Noodles kg, packaged noodles Kraft ..

Most characteristic for noodle products of the company that long noodles, fragrant, not expansion, toughness of noodles did not use chemicals that are made of mainly by quality  of wheat and quality of device (due to mechanical effects)

Characteristic aroma of pasta made of  the natural materials available, such as onion, garlic, chili ... and especially the quality of Shortening and oil. Shortening Oil always been closely examined in the manufacturing process to ensures the quality index.

The flavor of instant noodle have a very special flavor for each product category.
With the constellation "Product quality, ensure food safety and public health break", JSC food processing business - food Hanoi who wish to bring up the production tiou one single basket of products.


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